Frequent Questions

We do our best to answer all questions our members may have.

  • When is training and how long is each session?

    For the U5 to U7 training is conducted as part of the skills program on Saturday mornings in a hour long session of skills and a game. The U8 and older typically train once, but can be twice a week, for a hour. The day and time is dependent on the coach and ground availability.

  • Do I have to play graded football?

    No not at all. While the Club's preference is for all players to be placed in teams where the players are of a similar ability, our primary focus is on enjoying the game. If a player wants to play with his/her mates then we try to accommodate all requests. The club starts grading players from U8 as this is the age at which semi-competition starts between clubs.

  • What football association are you affiliated with?

    The Club is affiliated with Hills Football Incorporated and will commence its first year of competition in 2017.

  • Where are your home Grounds?

    We currently play at two sites Masonic Ovals (Balcombe Heights) and our Clubhouse is at Bella Vista Oval. See "Our Grounds" in the main menu.

  • In what age groups do you field teams?

    Skills - Small Sided Games - Juniors - Seniors - Women (Open Age)

  • Can my daughter play in a girl only competition?

    Girls (up to U14) can play in Mixed Teams on Saturdays, and/or in the female only competition played on Sundays. Older Girls who wish to continue playing mixed need to be assessed by the Club Coach prior to submitting a request to HFI.

  • What age group should my child be playing in?

    Players are grouped by their ages as at 31 December of the current year. If your child is aged 10 at 31 December, then he/she should be playing in the U10 age group. Where your child wants to play with school mates, then they can 'play up' a maximum of 2 years. So the minimum age of a U10 player is 8 years.

  • From what age can my child register to play football?

    The minimum age of a player, permitted by FFA is U5.

  • On which days are games played?

    Matches are played Saturday, except where games have been washed out. Make-up games are typically played on Sunday and more rarely mid-week.

Other Common Questions

2019 FEES

U5, U6 & U7 (Mixed) $185
U8 & U9 (Mixed) $205
U10 & U11 (Mixed) $225
U12 to U14 (Mixed) $255
U15 & U16 (Mixed) $265
U17 to Youth League (U18) $300
Youth League (O18) $380
All Age to O45 $370
All Age (U18) $325
Female U9 (Sunday Comp) $205
Female U11 & U12 (Sunday Comp) $225
Female U13 (Sunday Comp) $245
Female U15 (Sunday Comp) $265
Female Youth League (Sunday Comp) $300
Kickaroos (All-Abilities) $65
Match or training fees Nil
Shorts and socks (Jersey loaned by the club) Approx $40

$20 family discount for all additional family members playing competition football (U12+).
In 2019 a earlybird discount of $20 in in place till 31 January. A $20 family discount is available for all additional family members playing competition football (U12+).
Call or email any of the Committee on the Club Contact List if you need more details