It’s Photo Time – Say CHEESE!

Team photos will go ahead at Masonic Ovals (Balcombe Heights).

Alternative arrangements will be made for wet weather!

Please be at the ground AT LEAST 10mins prior to your session.

16/6/2018 23/6/2018 30/6/2018
8:00 U11 Dingo B U8 Pelican A U6 Alligators
8:10 U9 Pelican U10 Dingo B U9 Shark A
8:20 U12G Dingo A U10 Kangaroo U9 Shark B
8:30 U12G Dingo B U11 Dingo A U14G/2
8:40 U11G Dingo U7 Eagles U8 Rabbit
8:50 U8 Dingo A U7 Bears
9:00 U7 Alligators U8 Pelican B U10 Shark B
9:10 U8 Shark U8 Wallaby U8 Echidna
9:20 U9 Dingo A U10 Pelican U6 Crocodiles
9:30 U11 Kangaroo B U11 Echidna U6 Eagles
9:40 U6 Falcon U6 Gladiators U8 Dingo B
9:50 U15/1 U6 Hawkes U6 Iguanas
10:00 U6 Jaguars U6 Bears U6 Dragons
10:10 U9 Echidna A U14/3 White U12/2
10:20 U11 Rabbit U10 Echidna U11 Pelican
10:30 U7 Dragons U 7 Jaguars U 7 Falcons
10:40 U7 Gladiators U 7 Hawkes U13/2
10:50 U7 Iguanas U8 Kangaroo U7 Crocodiles
11:00 U14/2 U14/3 Red U9 Kangaroo
11:10 U12/4 U13/3 U13/4
11:20 U10 Dingo A U10 Shark A U12/3
11:30 U14/3 Blue Kick-a-Roos
11:40 U9 Dingo B Kick-a-Roos
11:50 Youth League 3 Blue Youth League 3 Red U15/2
12:00 U9 Rabbit