Round 2 – AAM7 v Castle Hill United

Lovely day for football. Overcast, not hot….at Crestwood.

Still short on subs, but those who turned up got a good run. Several things became apparent as the game wore on. Firstly, Gab shows great skills in goal, including a stunning penalty save. Secondly, St Micks can actually pass when they want to. Third, the offside rule can still be contentious….sorry Nick. And finally, the ball is not going to do us any favours. The amount of times we took a shot without result was absurd. Finally, late in the second half Wayne crossed to Andy, who after many previous fruitless attempts finally pushed it into the back of the net. This (apparently) was the equaliser…whereas, I thought it was the winning goal.¬† Shortly afterwards I thought Nick confirmed the victory, off his head into goal……which wasn’t, being tapped over the goal instead.

I should explain…Mel and Kyle bought their 7 week old baby girl to the game. What do you think the Marmee Armee was watching….?

St Michaels 1 : Castle Hill United 1