Round 2 – O35/5 v Winston Hills


No, this is not a countdown and you are NOT reading last weeks report……this was again the challenge thrown up to us again as we played our Round 2 game against Winston Hills this week.

With a couple of players unavailable through injury, and some others still on holidays we were lucky to have some help from Alfy, who volunteered from the 6’s and a debutant in William making up the 12 who kitted up, rubbed in the Deep Heat and started to stretch the hammies and groins before we kicked a ball.

Our warm up was promising, although in the 10 minutes we had kicking at the goals, our keeper only had to get the ball out of the net 2-3 times…not because he was pulling off any saves, more to do with the wide and varied attempts that were being made!!  It was amazing how this was to repeat itself in the game……

As our luck would have it, during warm up James went down with a leg injury but bravely determined to take the field.  With Sean starting on the bench we started the game ready to play some good football.

Sure enough after about 3 minutes James’s leg injury got the better of him and unfortunately he had to leave the field, again meaning our optimism at having a reserve quickly fell away.

Despite this, we started to play some good football and we seemed to be on top and created some decent chances….the best one falling to Shane who unfortunately put the ball over the posts with a goal begging….Anthony also had a great chance but unfortunately his chip found the keeper.

After 10 minutes our curse struck again….with Andrew being helped from the field with a calf injury.  The ice which was meant to be keeping our post games beers cold was quickly disappearing as it tended to sore muscles.

So again….our 12 which became 11 was now down to 10…..

Despite our luck, it was a great first half with Winston Hills only having a couple of half chances, as our defence held firm.  The opposition goal also appeared somewhat blessed….with the keeper making some decent saves while at the same time being helped by some wayward shots at goal.

The second half was almost a carbon copy of the first.  Our team of rookies creating some decent chances and our defence again holding firm and making some good offside plays which were being called by the referee.

Highlights of the second half included a great 1-2 between Anthony and Adam which almost led to a goal, Neil having a running battle with their number 7 (who was called ‘Buzz’ interestingly enough, which led to some great Toy Story lines from Neil), and finally our keeper copping a kick to the head which his wife has reported has led to no apparent change in his mental capacity…..

When full time was called…the score was 0-0 with us again leaving the field wondering what could have been….

Despite our frustration, for a bunch of guys who are essentially new to the game, we are learning quickly and are playing really well as a team. I have no doubt the goals will come at some stage and if we can keep 11 on the field this can only improve our chances!!

Thanks again to Alfy and Chris who were both great for us.

St Michaels 0 : Winston Hills 0