Round 13 – AAM7 vs Lidcombe Waratahs

On a lovely day for football all the important people were there watching. Once more 10 Knights took on a full strength team. In fact the blokes are starting to think that 10 is the lucky number for a win. Again we had numerous attempts on goal, driving at the substantial goalie as if he had a target on his face. Too ... More

Round 11 – AAM7 vs Castle Hill United

Does two wins constitute a streak? Is this an unlikely charge to the finals? If the fourth placed team loses everything from here on, and we win everything from here on can we make the finals? Is there a mathematical genius on the team?  Guess not. Ten players assembled, eskies by their sides (for injuries), to face ... More

Round 12 – AAM7 vs Pendle Hill

After a miserable start this year, losing 8-1 in the first round, then 3 more draws I decided I’d only write winning match reports. After all, there are only so many ways to put a positive spin on being able to lose from anywhere on the park, anyway, anytime. So here we are at Round 12 and you get a report. Today, ... More

Round 6 – O35/5s vs North Rocks

With only 12 players available due to work commitments and all of us conscious of another game on the Sunday v Guilford we went into the game with the plan to; a) not get injured: and b) conserve energy. More

Round 6 – AAM7 vs Baulkham Hills

What a great day to work on the suntan. First match with 2 reserves and I was keen to see how it worked out .... More

Round 5 – O35/5s vs Pendle Hill

14….14….14….14….. Finally we managed to FINISH a game with the same number of players that we started with….and what a difference it made!! After scraping through with two 0-0 draws in our first 2 games to come out and win 9-3 was a massive result and our first win together as a team. The only similarity ... More

Round 5 – U8 Blue vs Rockets

After weeks of wet weather set backs the Under 8 Blue's were keen to to get on the field against Castle Hill Rockets. Within the first five minutes of the game they had about a dozen shots at our goal. Nathan, our keeper at first half, had his hands full. Down 4-0 first half, second half we started on the attack. James ... More

Round 2 – U8 Blue v North Rocks

The boys arrived in great spirits at North Rocks after their tremendous come back in round 1. Spurred on by the vociferous travelling fans, the team put in another solid defensive performance. It was backs against the wall stuff in the initial stages with Cameron the stand out defender. Unfortunately the team ended up ... More

Round 2 – O35/5 v Winston Hills

12….11….10…. No, this is not a countdown and you are NOT reading last weeks report… More

Round 2 – AAM7 v Castle Hill United

Lovely day for football. Overcast, not Crestwood. More