Club Chaplains

The Hills Knights pride ourselves on being a family friendly club where individuals and teams from all ages and abilities can play the game of football in a safe and happy environment. As our commitment to help care and support the needs of our members, the Hills Knights have appointed two volunteer Sports Chaplains who have been trained and accredited by Sports Chaplaincy Australia (SCA).
What is a Sports Chaplain?

A chaplain is a trusted, authentic, caring person who are trained in sports pastoral care to assist sporting communities in providing genuine care for their members.
The role of a Sports Chaplain is to:

  • Care and support people through difficult circumstances such as grief and loss, suicide, trauma, sickness and injury.
  • Provide a private, safe and listening ear for members going through tough times. SCA Chaplains adhere to the SCA Code of Conduct where conversations are kept confidential.
  • Assist the committee into building a healthy, stable and caring community.
  • Provide referrals to a variety of services as they are not professional counsellors. SCA Chaplains have an extensive referral list that covers many areas such as mental health, domestic violence, crisis care, drug and alcohol and financial problems.
  • Be present at the sports ground for those who want a chat. They will be wearing Knights apparel embroided with “Club Chaplain”.
Who are our Sports Chaplains?

Kylie Isherwood



I have been a member of The Hills Knights for ten years and have enjoyed watching my three boys and husband, Jason, play football each week. I have also loved playing football over the years and have met many women who are just as passionate about the game. I decided to become a Knights Chaplain because I believe that everyone deserves to be heard, supported and cared for, especially in a club that pride themselves on supporting their community. 


Liz Cummins


I have been involved with the Hills Knights for the last four years and play in the Over 35’s ladies comp on Friday nights. My three boys play on Saturdays with the Knights as well. Growing up, I was always heavily involved in playing and watching a wide variety of sports at different levels. I have always enjoyed and highly valued the friendships with people I have met within the sporting environment. At the Knights, we have a strong sense of community and I wanted to further support and foster that through being a club chaplain.


Contact our Sports Chaplains.

Our chaplains have been supplied Club jackets and shirts identifying them as ‘Chaplain’ and will be at Masonic & Bella Vista Ovals at various times. If you don’t bump into them at either field they can be contacted by email at