Round 12 – AAM7 vs Pendle Hill

After a miserable start this year, losing 8-1 in the first round, then 3 more draws I decided I’d only write winning match reports. After all, there are only so many ways to put a positive spin on being able to lose from anywhere on the park, anyway, anytime. So here we are at Round 12 and you get a report.

Today, with the team low on players and the players even lower on energy I bragged to them about my strategy. I even pointed out the celebrations of the Knights team in the match before ours to show them what winning looked like, because I was sure they’d forgotten.
The real losers here were Pendle Hill.  No, really, it’s true.  Not only are they a top team that never led the match, they actually lost to a team that had never, with this roster, won a match. It made them literally sick on the field!

As is often the case when short of numbers the boys step up and take responsibility. We also took 2 under 17 players and put them to good use.  Thanks Cam and Blake, you ensured the win.

The commitment shown during the game was huge, considering the absence of pre-game warm up. Pendle Hill had most of the possession in the first half and we were lucky to hold them nil all.  Their goalie eventually fumbled a shot, and Nick had committed himself to the follow through so much that he ended up on the ground, and body-rolled the ball into the net.

Half way through the second half, after several attempts Blake planted the second one, and we were in uncharted territory for 2015. How could we create a loss from here? We’d done so in such creative manners up to now.

It was not to be.  Andy just missed tipping one over the posts, and we finished 2-1 up.  A win!

St Michaels 2 : Pendle Hill 0