Round 13 – AAM7 vs Lidcombe Waratahs

On a lovely day for football all the important people were there watching. Once more 10 Knights took on a full strength team. In fact the blokes are starting to think that 10 is the lucky number for a win.

Again we had numerous attempts on goal, driving at the substantial goalie as if he had a target on his face. Too much target practice at training Dave? Our placement was superior, our pace faster, and our intent was to win. Three wins in a row is consolidation of effort.

Todd was in goal in the first half, and looked a natural with the limited chances Lidcombe had.  Talk was more obvious today, and Stuart sounded downright bossy.  No result until half time when Nick ‘connected beautifully’ to give a 1- 0 lead.

Numerous more attempts where the goalie didn’t need to move followed. Then Dean took a relatively easy chance to make all that effort before in controlling the erratic ball on a poor field worth the effort.  2 – 0 and coach David set them for defense. Apart from some speculators Lidcombe offered little more after that. Three games on the trot, well done all, you can be proud, no matter the outcome.

St Michaels 2 : Lidcombe Waratahs 0