Round 5 – O35/5s vs Pendle Hill


Finally we managed to FINISH a game with the same number of players that we started with….and what a difference it made!!

After scraping through with two 0-0 draws in our first 2 games to come out and win 9-3 was a massive result and our first win together as a team.

The only similarity this game had with our first 2 games was our pre game ritual of introducing ourselves to each other and then working out who would be playing where!

The game got off to the best possible start with a goal in the first few minutes after a nice 1-2 and cut back to Shane who squeezed his shot past the keeper.  The scenes of jubilation following our first goal had to be seen to be believed!

The goals then seemed to come at regular intervals after that with Shane and Anthony netting 3 each, Adam 2 and Matt scoring one.

Highlights of the game were…..

  • Trevor debuting …not just for St Michaels….but his first game ever!!
  • Mick, Matt and Adrian’s successful return from hammy injuries
  • Shane scoring a great volley from a corner at the far post
  • Adam’s soft touch and poke past the keeper for both his goals…not to mention his conversion attempt, come shot, come pass…..
  • Matt scoring a goal, giving away a penalty and then missing a sitter (but still shaded by Shanes open goal miss against Winston Hills for miss of the year….to date.)
  • Anthony’s great goal from outside the 18yd box
  • Adrian’s performance in goal (injured hammy and all)
  • Afly turning up to the wrong park after a last minute change of venue….…but still making it to the game
  • And finally the beers after game AND finishing with the same 14 we started with…with no injuries!!

To come out convincing winners was a great reward and gives us a huge amount of confidence as a team.  As I have previously said most of our team has never played a game of football previously or have not played for at least 10- 20 years and to have a game like this was a great reward for how we have come together.

The challenge will definitely be on again this weekend with games on Saturday and Sunday, something none of us are sure how we will cope with……and with 2 players already unavailable for the weekend we will surely be tested.

Special mention to Andrew Lawless who is unfortunately out for the season after injuring his achilles vs Winston Hills.

St Michaels 9 : Pendle Hill 3