Round 6 – AAM7 vs Baulkham Hills

What a great day to work on the suntan.
First match with 2 reserves and I was keen to see how it worked out and it was pretty good for a while there.

Our best moment in the early stages finished with Andy hitting the post. A minute before half-time Baulkham Hills showed some sharp team work to score.

Then 15 minutes into the half all hell broke loose and Baulko had a brilliant ten minutes where they cut is to pieces, with 3 great attempts on goal, one of which was successful.

With 20 minutes to go our defenders were on the receiving end of an unlucky bounce which left an easy shot, and to their credit Baulko finished it.  Another relatively simple ball to an unmarked player saw us 4 down.  Finally Dean resisted the urge to blast and instead placed a neat shot into the net.

Resisting the urge to coach via newsletter, I’ve got to say that Baulko’s shots seemed to be always aimed low and to the side, whereas we had difficulty keeping the damn thing on the ground. That’s easy for this old bloke sitting on the sideline to say I know, but it just seemed obvious.

At least it was a relatively clean game, and the fellas looked like they a good run.  The ref did a great job of keeping everyone apart, and the game flowed.  Unfortunately just not our way.

St Michaels 1 : Baulko 4